FREE to be You and Me

Who in the world were we created to be, and how do we lose ourselves...our authentic personalities that bring so much joy and passion and beauty into our lives and into the world around us? Growing up in a small town, I dreamed of being a rock star or a super model because they got a lot of attention, made lots of money, and had adoring fans everywhere they went. I longed to be adored, yearned to be successful in the eyes of the world; and I was willing to do just about anything to get it.

At twenty-five, I hung a photo of a hunter green jaguar convertible on my refrigerator as motivation and read everything I could find on success and wealth. Things actually seemed to be going my way when I trained for a month in New York City to be a stockbroker. I excelled in the training program and planned to return home to cold call my way to a corner office and season tickets to the opera, symphony and every professional sport in town.

But, my then-husband and I got a surprise from the stork, if you know what I mean, and I ended up working part-time for two years. We barely earned enough to pay for groceries, much less to save toward my extravagant dreams of jaguars, exotic trips, and a mansion in one of the exclusive neighborhoods in town. God intervened and changed the course of my life, and I am so thankful He did.

Interestingly, when I look back on those years, I don't remember feeling much joy or passion for life. I don't even remember having many close friends or seeing extended family much. Relationships weren't that important to me compared to "having it all." It's taken a lifetime for me to understand that I was lost in the world, trying to prove something to people who didn't really know me and likely didn't care. Now, I'm all about small blessings, contentment and deep friendships. And I'm more determined than ever to discover the "me" I was meant to be.

This past weekend I created a Vision Board after talking with a girlfriend who is a Christian Life Coach. She put one together and sent me a photo, and I was inspired to do the same. It's taken weeks of thought and prayer, but the "real me" is coming alive more and more every day. When I am silent, it is as though God speaks to my heart and spirit and guides me to become more of the woman He created me to be. My body is energized. My creativity is at an all-time high. I haven't felt this happy in a very long time. People are noticing and asking, and I have an opportunity to share how God is leading me to abundant joy by being who He intended me to be from the beginning of time.

"The world is waiting to see what picture your life paints of Who He is."(DREAM Culture...bringing dreams to life by Andy and Janine Mason.) Ultimately it's all about God, but if we're listening to Him and following His Lead, we get the ultimate pleasure of being filled with joy every day. Who doesn't want that?

Who were YOU created to be? What did you enjoy most as a child? What passions and hobbies have you left behind to compete in the world for a prize that's always changing? If you want to know the answers to those questions, I challenge you to ask God. Then, listen for His answer. Create your own Vision Board, on paper or online. Sketch, paint, photograph - do whatever it takes to dig deep to rediscover yourself. And if you're so inclined, send a photo so we can all appreciate your individuality and cheer you on!