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My Story

I believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it just takes half a life to be able to look back and see how perfectly it all fits together to form the person you were created to be all along.

Raised in the Midwest, I attended a large state university 50 minutes from home. A typical second-born child, I focused more on college “life” than I did grades. As part of the drill team, I performed during halftime as a Pommerette and drove home on free weekends to work at the local drugstore. Life was good.

Until my brother, two years younger than me, was killed in an automobile accident – my 4th close personal tragic loss by the age of 20. Life was up and down for more than ten years after that as I struggled to find my way. Only when I hit rock bottom as a broke single mom at 33 did I cry out to God to save me, take control and fix what I had broken.

For the next 20+ years I worked in financial planning, reigned as Mrs. Ohio United States 1999 (3rd runner-up to Mrs. United States 1999 in Las Vegas!), published my first picture book, married a successful businessman who mistreated me and my daughter, divorced that same man 18 ½ years later with the blessing of my church, had personal essays and poetry accepted for several collections and earned my CPLC (Certified Professional Life Coach) designation through Christian Coach Institute.

Through it all, I can remember feeling frustrated as I struggled in a bad marriage and jumped from one interest to another assuming other women around me had it all together while I was searching for my place in the world. It wasn’t until I landed in my Sweet Spot as a Personal Life Coach and Writing Coach that I realized how every experience, tragedy, success and failure played a role in leading me to become the person I am today…wise, experienced, spiritually-mature, content and filled with peace (except when I’m really really tired… or overwhelmed… or in desperate need of chocolate… and maybe coffee.)

Today I am engaged to a wonderful man who God prepared especially for me (and my daughter and grandson); and I can once again proclaim, “Life is good. I am free. God’s peace and love rule and reign in me!”

Ultimately, I am deeply passionate about helping people like you discover who you were created to be and where your gifts and talents best fit in this big wonderful world.

You were meant to soar. I’d love to help you find your wings.

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Author Bio

Award-winning Author, Editor, Copywriter, Coach and more.

I’ve been writing in diaries and journals since I was 9. That’s a lot of words! Fortunately, God chose to use my writing gift to bless people through personal essays, poems and published books as He developed me as a writer, editor and coach.

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