The Right Road


I read an interesting statement in a small book today…The author pondered, “I wonder whether struggle is the confirmation that we’re on the right road and whether blue skies are actually a warning sign.”

She got me thinking back to several times in my life when I thought, or didn’t think, I was walking the path God prepared for me. One time, in particular, comes to mind, and I wonder now if I should have kept on the path and not quit when the road got bumpy and lonely, and I didn’t want to go on.

I’ll never know what could have been, but today, as I invest in Christian Life Coaching and train to minister as a lay counselor at church -- and life gets crazier and busier -- there is no doubt in my mind that I am answering God’s call.

I have come home. This is His Will for me. No matter how rocky this road gets, I am determined to see it through because I am convinced that it is the right road.

What a difference it makes when we are focused and sure of God’s Will. When the grandchild gets sick and the husband needs time and attention…when the car battery dies and we need to be somewhere…when our energy is drained and we wonder if we’ll make it until bedtime…God is there.

His Glory-strength fills us, and we can almost hear Him whisper, “I am with you. The struggle will be worth it. Be still and trust Me. I will work all things for good.”

And we believe.

FreeRian Neil8 Comments