New Fiction Fav's

My mentor and good friend, Claudia, suggested I begin to read more fiction as I walk through a couple of crises in my life. She said it would help me relax more and focus on the difficult circumstances less. I took her suggestion seriously and have discovered (thanks to another friend's recommendation) a terrific author of women's fiction that is powerful, meaningful, and fun to read. Marybeth Whalen's novel, "The Wishing Tree," was the first book I chose. The characters are so believable. I felt like I was reliving a part of my past. The "message" challenged me to my core, but I savored every word. Great story of love, life, and the forgiveness that holds all of our relationships together.

"She Makes It Look Easy," also by Marybeth Whalen, was recommended by Cindy Thomson, an author friend. This book plumbs the depths of bad decisions and the consequences that follow, as well as gives us hope for the future. It's easy (no pun intended) to recognize people you know and love throughout the story, though I imagine you'll identify most strongly with the character you believe reflects your personal values and life choices. Read it. Recommend it. Then buy Marybeth's other books and enjoy!

More to come as I continue to get lost in new Great Reads!