Love What You Do?

Today I stopped at my local insurance office to bid farewell to Ryan, a young man who has become a friend. We haven't spent a lot of time together the past year. He has just been a great guy, an awesome agent. Someone who has always done what he promised to do. And a young man who is more than a good listener, which has been priceless to me as I walk through a significant life change that has challenged me in every way. The reason for Ryan's departure is that he accepted a coaching position at a prestigious local university, and his excitement is infectious. While he has been a committed member of the insurance agency, it's a thrill to see him step into his passion and be given an opportunity to do what he loves. A former soccer player, he's got plenty of experience and no sign of that ugly thing called pride. His soon-to-be soccer team has no idea how incredibly blessed they are. Insurance agent to soccer coach...gotta love a guy who pursues his dreams even if it means a major career shift.

When did you last think about your own dreams and what it would take to make them come true? Maybe people you know place your dreams in the "Pie in the Sky" category, but life experience has taught me that many are more attainable than we realize. If you begin to work toward your dreams and don't reach the top, isn't that a lot better than not trying at all? Who knows what adventures you'll have and who you'll meet along the way?

Katharine Graham, American Newspaper Publisher, said, "To love what you do and feel that it matters - how could anything be more fun?" But, I think loving what you do and having it matter is about so much more than fun. It's about knowing what's in your soul and going for it...trusting that somehow you're going to get as far as God intends you to, even if you have no earthly idea how to begin. Sometimes it means praying and waiting until God brings the answer, the mentor, the open door - just when you were starting to wonder if you were dreaming someone else's dream.

Who were you created to be? What do you love to do? The world needs you to be you. Authentic. Bold. True to who you are. Dream big dreams. Take the first step. Then take the second. Find someone to cheer you on. And never stop believing... " 'If you can?' " said Jesus. " 'Everything is possible for him who believes.' " (Mark 9:23)