MomCon 2019 - The TOP 7 THINGS I Learned About Moms This Year

September 5-7 was a highlight for me and my illustrator friend, Lynne Marie Davis, as we attended our first MomCon event hosted by MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) in Orlando, Florida. While there were many workshops to encourage and teach the moms in attendance there, I, too, learned a few things while watching and listening to the several thousand moms who were there. Here are the TOP 7 THINGS I learned:

  1. MOPS moms love to laugh… a lot.

  2. Some MOPS moms stay up way past their bedtime when they’re away from home. lol

  3. Many MOPS moms have experienced deep loss and they’ve clung to Christ throughout it all.

  4. All MOPS moms have a fierce love for their children.

  5. A lot of MOPS moms enjoy wearing uniquely designed Mickey Mouse ears in public. Go figure!

  6. MOPS moms love to win things! (but they don’t like stuffing their prizes into suitcases to fly home). Hmm… A real dilemma.

  7. All MOPS moms are princesses at heart. Some even wear wings.

Bottom line - all moms are amazing, loving, sacrificial, generous, kind and strong; but I think, perhaps, MOPS moms have an extra special heart for their families and for one another. I am so grateful God led me and Lynne to MomCon 2019, and we are thrilled to know we’ll be part of MomCon 2020 in Colorado. If you’re not already planning to attend, I hope you will reconsider joining us. I promise you will connect with your tribe and be encouraged. You may even find a set of wings on your back waiting to take you to new places in your part of the world.