The Circle of Love

"Jesus consistently moves toward the people who know they are not enough."

I read the words again and again after a long dry season of asking God just where He is. My faith reassures me He is with me, but I can't feel Him, and I so need to feel Him when people around me are uber-productive, hyper-busy and seemingly on their way to the top while I'm unfocused and feeling like a failure. Just Who defines the top, and why are so many of us striving to get there? Where exactly is there?

In "Nothing To Prove" Jennie Allen writes about Jesus' intense desire to satisfy we who are thirsty for acceptance, value and worth, who constantly feel like we're not enough but convince ourselves we can somehow prove we are. She says over and over how we have NOTHING TO PROVE because we will never be enough without Jesus. He alone makes us enough because HE is enough.

I love the thought of Jesus searching for people who can admit they're not "all that and a bag of chips," though WITH Jesus, a bag of chips might take on a whole new meaning.

Jennie writes about Jesus filling average people like me with His love and acceptance - literally filling us with LIFE. Then, when we can't hold another word of encouragement or comfort or peace without exploding, He pours all of the extra love through us to the people around us. Like the Circle of Life, Jesus offers a Circle of Love where no one ever has to feel unworthy, unwanted, and UNloved.

Let's all pass some Jesus love around our life circle today.

Be filled. Be used. BE FREE! (and read Jennie's book, "Nothing To Prove." It's amazing!)