Listen to Your Heart

So you know how most of us are just trying to do the right thing? Think of others first. Love, live, laugh. Help each other. Hold one another. Hang on one day at a time... Why, then, do some people try to throw a cloak of shame over tender hearts that were so close to being healed? Why would anyone want to hurt another person in the name of "religious truth?" The way I understand God and His infinite love is that He judges us by our hearts, not our behavior; so there's no reason to run around trying to make people do what we think they ought to do because that's religion as we define it in our own minds. No reason to make others feel like they are unworthy when each one of us is so very worthy of the love of God through Jesus Christ.

I recently had a profound five second conversation with my grandson that I believe just might stay with me for the rest of my life. Whenever I begin to allow others' opinions and statements and judgments to squash my self-worth and my joy, I hope the Lord brings this conversation to mind. I pray it blesses you.

Rubbing my grandson's back as he sat next to me at dinner a couple of nights ago I felt prompted to say, "You're a good boy, you know?" 

"I know," he said with a shrug. 

"HOW do you know?" I asked.

He glanced up at me as though I had asked the silliest question he ever heard. "I just listen to my heart," he said softly. Then he stuffed another sweet potato fry into his mouth.

Wow, I thought. He just listens to his heart... During this very special time of year, and beyond, I pray you and I will do the same. When you feel criticized or judged, listen to your heart. If you've been rejected or abandoned and are wondering if anyone will ever love you again, listen to your heart. If you just need to know you are worthy of goodness, kindness and joy, listen to your heart. That's where the very Spirit of Jesus Christ resides, and He is always whispering, "I love you. You are precious to me."


"I just listen to my heart."

"I just listen to my heart."