Free To Be



God took ahold of my heart when I was five years old, and I am so grateful He never let go. Whether scribbling in my childhood diary or composing songs on my guitar, I always had a dream to write in a way that would touch people’s hearts.

When tragedy struck at the age of sixteen, and again at twenty, my life purpose became clearer though I didn’t understand until recent years how my personal pain would be used by God to encourage others.

As a Certified Professional Life Coach and graduate of Christian Coach Institute, my passion is to share God’s love, hope, and healing with a lost and broken world. I specifically feel called to write and coach fellow writers to produce honest powerful work and coach people, in general, to live lives filled with passion and purpose.

Join me on the journey. Together we can be FREE as we trust the Word of God to bring power, comfort, healing, hope, strength, joy…and so much more to our lives and the lives of those we love.

May your heart be filled with God’s peace and love today.