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Writing Coach Packages


Writing Coach Packages

When people I meet ask what I do, and I reply, “I’m a writer and a coach,” they inevitably respond by saying, “I’ve always wanted to write a novel…or a children’s book…or memoir.” If you’re one of those many people who dream of writing for yourself, your family, or for publication; I’d love to help make your dream come true. 

To retain my coaching services, select from the following individual sessions or packages:


$50 per 30-minute session centered on focus, clarity and encouragement. Purchase here.


$75 per 50-minute session – Agents and editors often judge manuscripts based on the first three to five pages. For beginner to intermediate writers seeking to sharpen their writing skills and produce publishable work. Includes clarifying specific writing goals and the steps necessary to accomplish them, along with accountability to produce written work. Purchase here.

The First Five Pages - MINI PACKAGE

3 session package - $195 – same as above with discounted package rate. Multiple 3 session packages may be purchased to extend the coaching process and complete multiple manuscripts. Purchase here.

The First Five Pages - FULL PACKAGE

7 session package - $395 – Purchase 6 sessions and the 7th session is FREE - same as above with additional discount. Purchase here.

Slow and Steady

$795 – 12 session package (2 sessions/month for six months) to assist writers of longer works (i.e. novels and nonfiction.) Book Proposal outline, specific action steps and accountability will be provided. Purchase here.


$1,495 – 12 session package - Book Proposal assistance, professional editing for up to 20 pages, and marketing advice and tips provided. As a BONUS, learn the How-To's of self-publishing in today's marketplace. Additional editing services may be purchased separately for $50/hour (see list below). Purchase here.

Additional services offered:

  • Editing/Copyediting - $50/hour or quoted per project for novels and other full-length work.
  • Copywriting - $60/hour.
  • Ghostwriting - quoted per project based on number of pages, research required, etc.