Free To Be



"I have never worked with someone I hadn't met before that totally got me. Working with Donna was like working with my guardian angel. She knew what I wanted to say without me having to tell her. She brought my book to life, and it is so much more than I ever imagined. Thank you, Donna, for being so easy to work with and for putting your heart and soul into my book."


Founder/President, Heart Insouls; Founder, LiveLikeJohnny Organization; and Author, Still Standing, My Journey from Pain to Purpose

“When I thought about writing a book, I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to begin and wondered if people would buy the book I wanted to write. But after a few minutes with Donna, answering her insightful coaching questions, we had a Table of Contents and a rough draft of how we would proceed on paper! Thank you, Donna, for taking my dream and helping me see that it has great potential to add value to the coaching profession.”

Janice LaVore-Fletcher, PCC, MMC, BCC

Founder/President, Christian Coach Institute

“It’s not easy being vulnerable and sharing your hopes, dreams, and fears with someone, but Donna Wyland makes it a welcoming experience. She has an amazing heart filled with the love of Jesus and has a way about her that makes it easy to share. The blend of her warm heart and friendly voice paired with her incredible ability to listen deeply and reflect back what she hears is priceless. Bringing this insight to the surface allowed me to clarify where I really want to go and identify the steps needed to get there. I felt fully supported, encouraged, and challenged every step of the way. Time and time again, I walked away from our sessions with a new level of confidence that turning my dream into a reality was not only possible but was actually happening!”

Michelle Mullins, Certified Christian Life Coach

Founder/Owner, Connection Coach, LLC

“I was fortunate enough to win a coaching opportunity with Donna, and during that experience I was blessed with her encouragement, expertise and patience. Donna provided me with great feedback and direction as a new writer. I felt truly confident that Donna’s skills to share with me what my next steps would be were right on target. I would recommend Donna’s coaching for any writer, no matter the level of experience! Last, Donna’s love for Jesus Christ was paramount! Thank you, Coach Donna!”

Laura Link, Certified Christian Life Coach

Founder/Owner, ILIFEBALANCE 

"My experience with Donna as a coach and editor was uplifting and encouraging. As a first time book writer, I needed her assistance and direction. No one can go wrong by hiring her to help with your book and beyond."

Sadie Weldon

Speaker, Writer and Co-pastor of Christian Missions Church in Jacksboro, Texas 

"In publishing my first book, I was divinely directed to Donna Wyland for coaching and editing purposes. Donna took my written words and made sense of them. She created order from my scattered thoughts. I am so thankful to have been referred to her."

Elizabeth Winfree

Retired Civil Servant now working for a University in Alaska 

Comments from Group Coaching Participants:

Powerful questions. Great pace. Coached with clarity, enthusiasm and passion. Strong exercises. Safe environment. Personal, affirming. Great visualization process. Created space for emotion and meaningful connection. Exhibited warmth and flexibility. Appreciated the subtle humor. Great job!