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Life Coach Packages


Life Coach Packages

Paving a New Path

Rediscover passion. Dare to dream. Step out in a new direction with encouragement, accountability and support. Together we will breathe new life into YOUR life. {6 sessions - $349} Purchase here.

Working It Out

Overcome obstacles. Commit with confidence. Understand what’s holding you back and what you need to do to move forward. For serious clients willing to step outside their comfort zone to accomplish goals and experience the excitement of living a life of passion and purpose. {10 sessions -$689}  Purchase here.

A Whole New You!

Who were you created to be? What unique gifts and talents do you have to share with the world? How does your personality affect your relationships and strategies for success? Through a series of assessments, you will gain a deeper understanding of who God created you to be. In subsequent sessions, we will work to expand your horizons, increase expectations, and support the accomplishment of your goals and dreams. {6 months – 18 to 20 sessions, as per client request/schedule - $ 1,299} Purchase here.


“Donna helped me move forward with my goals while, at the same time, seeing many of the underlying issues that affect the habits I wanted to change. She encouraged me, helped me remain positive through the challenges of working toward my goals, and inspired me to have hope!”

Debra Johnson, Ministry Assistant

Vineyard Church of Columbus / Support For Life