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The Circle of Love

"Jesus consistently moves toward the people who know they are not enough." 

I read the words again and again, grateful Jesus sees so many of us the world does not, or will not. Why would He move toward those who feel like losers and failures, the weak of the herd called humanity? Based on Jennie Allen's book, "Nothing To Prove," I'm realizing Jesus is flat out crazy about people who can acknowledge they are not enough because He is, and with Him we are, too.

Jennie writes that Jesus calls to all who are thirsty for acceptance, value, and worth (and isn't that all of us?) and He offers to satisfy us with His unconditional love and acceptance so we can relax and be who we were created to be. And here's the kicker... If we open our hearts and allow Him to fill us with His love - with life itself - He promises we will overflow with love and bring life to others.

Meet for coffee. Take a walk. Write the email that offers grace. Show the world some Jesus love and watch true life blossom around you. 

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When you feel criticized and judged, listen to your heart. That's where the Spirit of Jesus Christ resides.

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